Personal Safety/Armor

The protection Armortek offers doesn't stop when you step out of your vehicle. We're committed to protecting your personal safety, both inside and outside of the armored vehicles we manufacture. First, we start by tailoring each vehicle to match the specific needs of each customer. Next, we offer several products and features you can choose from to get exactly the type of protection you want and need. We can also install a special hidden compartment to store other personal safety items like a stun gun.

Personal Safety / Armor Products "We equip your vehicle with the necessities to escape dangerous situations, while also keeping you prepared for a variety of on-the-road emergencies."

Bomb and Bullet Protection

Our armored vehicles are designed to protect you from several levels of ballistic threats. Depending on the type of threats you face, you may want to take this type of protection with you when you leave the vehicle. We offer bullet-resistant vests and body armor for military personnel, law-enforcement officers, hunting professionals and other interested customers.

Bullet-resistant purses and bags are designed to stylishly conceal light-weight ballistic protection. These bags are a low-profile option for portable bullet-resistant armor. They include plenty of pockets and storage room, making them a practical as well as safer alternative to your typical bag.

Bomb protection blankets can be installed as part of the vehicle to offer enhanced bomb and grenade protection, and we offer portable bomb blankets as well. These blankets are used to reduce the impact and lessen shrapnel from explosive devices.

Emergency Supplies

Just in case something goes wrong on the road, we want to make sure you're prepared for an emergency. We can install an emergency road repair kit to help you get a damaged or broken-down vehicle back on the road, as well as a five-pound ABC fire extinguisher for dealing with any fires that start in spite of the protective armor around the engine.

For health-related emergencies, we offer a well-stocked first-aid kit and an emergency oxygen supply. It's best to be prepared for every form of emergency, even with the vehicle armor to protect you from harm. Having a first-aid kit on hand also prepares you for helping other people who may have been injured in an attack on or around your vehicle.

Bomb Protection Blanket

Standard floor armor provides some grenade protection, but if explosive devices, like IEDs, pipe bombs and hand grenades are a major concern, consider having us install a bomb protection blanket. These blankets are designed to absorb blast impact and fragmented pieces of the bomb, thus minimizing blast impact.

Body Armor

Just in case you have to leave your vehicle, Armortek can provide you with bullet-resistant vests and body armor. To make sure this body armor and other equipment are stored where you can get at it easily, we can also install a gear storage system.

Bulletproof Case BSafe Case

New from Armortek, our armor plated purse, attache case, briefcase in many different styles and colors. Need immediate protection without wearing a vest all the time. Carry one of our stylish cases or bags, and hold it up when you need protection. It will stop a bullet just like any of our other personal armor and safety products.