Vehicle Enhanced Protection Upgrades and Extras

Standard armoring options shield the passenger compartment with transparent and opaque ballistic armor and is available in several different ballistic protection levels. To provide the best armoring you could ask for, we also offer enhanced protection upgrades to ensure your vehicle is protected against the specific threat level you face.

Armortek International Vehicle Extras Emergency Supplies Photo Vehicle Extras "We equip your vehicle with the necessities to escape dangerous situations, while also keeping you prepared for a variety of on-the-road emergencies."

Vehicle Options

  • 80 AMP Heavy Duty Battery (with exchange)
  • Air Bag Shut Off Switch, Armored Cars & Armored Vans
  • ArmorAire Air Filtration System to defend against Smoke and Toxic Gas from entering the vehicle
  • Battery Armor Box
  • Bomb Protection Blanket
  • Bullet Resistant Sun Roof
  • Bullet Resistant Vest
  • Burglar Alarm with Remote Beeper
  • Door Overlap Protection for Armored Cars & Armored Vans
  • Double Privacy Partition
  • Dual Battery System
  • Electric Door Locks (each door)
  • Electric Shock System, 110 VOLTS, (check your local laws for this one)
  • Electrochromic Windows - Smart Windows that darken automatically
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Emergency Road Repair Kit
  • Emergency Trunk Release
  • Engine Fire Suppressant System
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Five (5) Pound ABC Fire Extinguisher
  • Gunports for Rear of Jeep & Suburban Armored Vehicles
  • Halogen Lights
  • Intercom System Inside to Outside
  • Oil Slick System
  • Overlap Protection
  • Radiator Protection - Louvers
  • Radiator Protection – Screen
  • Ram Bumpers – Front
  • Ram Bumpers – Rear
  • Red Lights Behind Grills
  • Remote Start
  • RF Jammer / IED Jamming System to counter Roadside Bombs by Radio Controlled IED Ambushes
  • Road Block (Portable)
  • Roll Up & Down Windows, for front driver side & front passenger side windows
  • Run Flat Tires also known as Safety Rollers
  • Siren and P.A. System
  • Smoke Deterrent System
  • Sneak Up Protection (Cars, Vans & Trucks)
  • Special Hidden Compartment, usually mounted in the trunk
  • Strobe Lights
  • Tack Dispensing System
  • Tear Gas System
  • Transmission Cooler
  • Two Way Communication Radio

Luxury Vehicle Options

  • Mp3 Players
  • LCD Monitors & Flat Screen TVs
  • Satellite TV
  • Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • USB Charging Banks

Armoraire Filtration System

To protect from any unexpected and dangerous airborne gas, your vehicle can be outfitted with the Armoraire Filtration System. The Armoraire System is able to maintain positive pressure within the vehicle while providing air that has been cleaned of both dangerous solid particles and harmful gasses. The system includes a computerized control system to monitor and control the entire system. This control system can also be setup to control other enhanced protection options such as gas, smoke screen, tacks, and oil slick.

Burglar and Attacker Deterrents

In addition to standard locks, we can upgrade your vehicle doors with a deadbolt locking system and electronic locks. A burglar alarm with remote beeper helps secure your vehicle when you're not even near it. We also offer an electric shock system. This system is designed to send a non-lethal electric shock through the door handle if someone tries to open the vehicle door.

Communication Systems

For one-way communication, we can install a police siren with 100-watt output, and public address system allowing for communication from the inside of the vehicle to the outside.

For two-way communication, an intercom system means you can talk with someone outside the vehicle without compromising your armor system by opening a door or window.

We can also install a police style two-way radio in your choice of frequencies. Both handheld and vehicle mounted styles are available.

Emergency Supplies

We can outfit your vehicle with an emergency road repair kit, emergency oxygen, a first aid kit, and five pound ABC fire extinguisher so you're prepared for a variety of on-the-road emergencies.

Lighting Systems

Flashing front/rear strobe lights are typically set in the parking light or behind the front grill, staying low-profile until they are activated. These 55-watt halogen bulbs feature colored glass lenses in white, amber, blue or red.

Overlap Protection

This option enhances the security and stability of small areas between the pillars, posts and window frames. These areas are retrofitted with a layer of steel, then padded and covered with vinyl upholstery to preserve a factory finish appearance in the interior.

Radiator Protection

Louver or screen radiator covers are designed to protect the radiator from thrown rocks and similar objects that would interfere with its operation. Bullet-resistant radiator protectors are available as well.

Ram Bumpers

These are installed under the OEM bumpers, reinforcing the front and rear of the vehicle from damage caused by the impact while maintaining the original vehicle profile.

Remote Start System

This feature lets you start the vehicle from a safe distance to avoid the risk of explosive devices attached to the vehicle and set to detonate when the car is started.

Tire/Wheel Upgrades

In addition to optional run-flat inserts, we can also provide heavy-duty off-road tires and wheels.

Bomb Protection Blanket

Standard floor armor provides some grenade protection, but if explosive devices, like IEDs, pipe bombs and hand grenades are a major concern, consider having us install a bomb protection blanket. These blankets are designed to absorb blast impact and fragmented pieces of the bomb, thus minimizing blast impact.

Body Armor

Just in case you have to leave your vehicle, Armortek can provide you with bullet-resistant vests and body armor. To make sure this body armor and other equipment are stored where you can get at it easily, we can also install a gear storage system.

Battery Armor

Armor plate surrounds the battery, protecting it from gunfire and electrical shorts. Dual Battery System- A supplemental battery is installed to handle the additional load necessary to power optional systems. This battery may also be configured to act as a back up should the primary battery become disabled.

Electric Shock System

Our electric shock system sends a non lethal current through the door handles of the vehicle. Easily activated from a switch on the dash, this system will effectively deter intruders.

Firewall Protection

A fireproof wall is installed between the interior and the engine block, separating the steering column, console, wiring, heater and air-conditioning. Contoured armor covers all surfaces from the overlap of the front windshield frame to the tow board. All plates are welded solid, ground smooth and all surfaces painted.

Fuel Cell

Our gas tank is filled with specially designed open cell foam that prevents the accumulation of petroleum fumes. The exterior of the fuel tank is encapsulated in a self sealing coating that prevents leakage of fuel if the tank is penetrated by a bullet.

Grill Lights

55 Watt brilliant halogen bulb, triple chrome plated housing and colored glass lens. Lenses are available in your choice of amber, blue or red.

Hidden Gun ports

Custom designed by Armortek International, these gun ports are not visible from the exterior of the vehicle. Should it become necessary to defend the vehicle with gunfire, simply place gun barrel through the port and fire as normal. The exterior skin of the vehicle is readily penetrated and easily repaired cosmetically. Interior gun port doors are fully armored and spring loaded for automatic closure. Depending on your desired level of protection, any number of return fire gun ports can be installed.

Intercom System

Designed to enable two way communication, from inside to outside of the vehicle. This system eliminates the necessity of compromising your armor system by opening a door or window to communicate with persons outside. This system is easily operated from simple switches located on the dash.

Oil Slick System

This driver-controlled system is simple to operate and extremely effective in forestalling pursuit vehicles. This unique system design by Armortek International is commonly added to executive vehicles. When switched on, the system will dispense several gallons of oil to the road surface providing you with one more tool to aid in your protection.

Operational Windows

Roll up and down windows are equipped with a heavy-duty appliance that, depending on your vehicle, allows the windows to open between three and five inches.

Safety Rollers/Run-Flats

These are manufactured from space age composite materials custom designed for your wheel. These safety rollers provide continued mobility of 50 kilometers should your vehicles tires be “blown out”. Tire pressure, balancing, and care for flats with safety rollers is the same as with a standard tire. When the tires are replaced, the safety rollers can be used again.

Siren/PA System

Police siren with 100 watt output, and a public address system allowing for one way communication between inside and outside of vehicle.

Smoke Screen System

A smoke-screen system can help cover your escape and confuse attackers. The smoke generator heats an oil-based mixture until it evaporates, then mixes in cool air to create a screen of misty smoke.

Tack Dispensing System

Custom welded tire flattening tacks are expelled from a dispenser under your vehicle, acting as another hindrance to pursuit vehicles.

Tail Pipe Protection

A special screen is installed into the tail pipe to prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the pipe. Blocking of the tailpipe can disable the vehicle by preventing the motor from breathing.

Tear Gas System

Upon activation, this system will envelope the area immediately surrounding the vehicle in a cloud of gas. Dispersing crowds and disabling persistent attackers ensuring road clearance for your escape to a secured location. Four tear gas canisters are securely and strategically attached to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Two-way radio

Police style communication systems are available in your choice of frequencies, and available in handheld or vehicle mounted styles.