Established in 1978 by Clint Murphy, Armortek International is the second oldest armored luxury car manufacturer in the United States. We also armor money transport and law enforcement vehicles. Read more about our story...

The process is very easy:

  • just give us a call or send us an email and tell us what ideas you have
  • Select a ballistics level or protection level.
  • List the protection extras that you want on the vehicle.
  • Provide the donor vehicle or tell us to purchase one
  • Let us engineer the solution and get to work
  • We deliver the vehicle to your location anywhere in the world

Often when people talk about an armored vehicle, they are discussing vehicles in a military context. Our armored vehicles are non-military and include a variety of makes and models for personal, commercial or law-enforcement use.

Rather than rating our vehicles as bullet-proof or bomb-proof, they are rated in levels of protection. Different armoring levels are designed to protect against ballistic threats at different levels, and so they are rated in terms of which weapons each level of armor will protect you from. Similarly, blast protection is rated in terms of the number of hand grenades or weight of explosive charge the vehicle can survive. For more information, visit our Materials and Specifications page.

Armor levels are determined by your location and perceived threat level. There is no “one size fits all” model when it comes to armored vehicles. Call or visit us to talk about what armoring level will work best for you.

In addition to the vehicle armor offered in a standard quote, we can add additional protection options including remote starting, a tear gas system, ram bumpers and bugler deterrent systems. For more information, visit our Enhanced Protection Upgrades page.

We can work with most types of vehicles, including sedans, luxury cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and commercial vans. Some makes and models are easier to armor than others. If you have questions about a specific vehicle, call us.

Whichever you prefer. If you already have a vehicle, we can add armor. If you know what you're looking for but don't have a vehicle yet, we can locate and armor it for you.

Regular armoring adds about 1,500 pounds though the specific weight varies depending on the type of vehicle and level of protection. We upgrade the suspension and, if necessary, brakes of each vehicle to accommodate the increased weight.

We supply vehicles around the world and already have customers in Asia, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, and throughout North America. We can armor left-hand drive or right-hand drive vehicles to comply with local traffic laws.

We offer a full 3-year warranty on the armor and craftsmanship of our vehicles. This is how confident Armortek is about its vehicles: If something goes wrong that can't be corrected locally, we'll fly a company craftsman to the site of your vehicle to fix the problem.

The time it takes to armor a new vehicle varies from 3 to 9 weeks, depending on the type of vehicle and level of protection. Contact to us for a more specific estimate.