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Celebrity Armored Car Protection from Armortek International

Celebrity Luxury Armored Car Protection : A Necessity Today


Van Alstyne, Texas - Armortek Custom Armored Cars has been building luxury armored cars for over 40 years. However, in recent years we have been seeing a large increase in volume in orders for these cars for famous celebrities, musicians, and the Hollywood elite. We can only attribute this to the increase in celebrity related crimes, kidnappings, and the ever increasing threat of the pushy and even dangerous paparazzi. It appears the celebrity famous are feeling a need to take their security to new levels of seriousness. One trending solution to this problem is to get a luxurious rolling cocoon of protection in the form of a highly armored luxury car. These cars are heavily protected with reinforced armored plating, bulletproof glass, defense mechanisms that are similar to a James Bond car, and still have all the luxurious amenities the celebrity class expects in their automobiles while keeping the cars street legal and functional.

Famous celebrity attacks and assaults, while in their cars, have made personal security for the rich and famous, especially those in the Hollywood limelight, an automatic necessity. Agressive paparazzi & fans, and those that would simply do harm pose threats to all of those in the spotlight. Having proper protection while in their vehicles is now a required element of being famous.

Armortek Custom Armored Cars was one of the first to start constructing such luxury armored cars as far back as 1978. Many of today's competitors in the market have even famously purchased our cars to learn how to armor such cars, and get it done right. However, there is no substitute for the original construction and design by Armortek Custom Armored Cars.

The defense mechanisms commonly installed on a number of these luxury celebrity armored cars are features like run flat tires, defensive tack drops, smoke screens, flashing strobe lights, an air purification system to defend against gas attacks, electrified door handles to defend against pushy paparazzi, and there is a long list of other defense items on offer. We also sell a lot of protection extras like our bomb blankets also known as shrapnel protection blankets, in addition to our custom made bulletproof attache cases, briefcases, and purses.

To keep the insides of these vehicles luxurious, the standard features of the car are mostly left in original condition and as operational as possible. In addition offering upgrades such as satellite television, mobile WiFi hotspots, LCD monitors, electrochromic windows, heads-up displays (HUDs), mp3 players, and many other luxury features. If you can dream it up and the technology exists we can find it and install it professionally.

Armortek Custom Armored Cars is putting focus on this growing demand for luxurious armored cars and will soon be offering some pre-configured options including a fully tricked out armored Cadillac Escalade as one of our flagship luxury celebrity armored vehicles.

Of course it is not only the celebrities and famous icons that need armored protection in their vehicles and all of these same features are on offer to anyone that requires that extra protection for themselves, family, loved ones, or colleagues.

Mr. Murphy, the owner, says

“Luxury armored cars are becoming one of our most popular ordered vehicles here at Armortek Custom Armored Cars and we are excited to start putting more focus on luxury amenities and designs to cater to this clientele.”

About Armortek:

Established in 1978, Armortek Custom Armored Cars is the second oldest armored luxury car manufacturer in the United States. We also supply quality armored vehicles for commercial and law-enforcement use. Since the company's founding, Armortek's reputation for superior security has spread around the word. We've supplied vehicles to customers in Asia, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, and throughout North America. We do all of our own work in-house in our facility in north Texas, USA.

Armortek Custom Armored Cars is the only company that armors private and luxury cars, commercial vans and trucks, and law-enforcement vehicles. We are uniquely qualified to meet all your security needs and we are committed to providing you with a custom design that is the most efficient, highly cost-effective, and the safest way to armor your vehicle. Life is valuable, and we're committed to keeping you, your family, and your colleagues safe from attacks and other dangers on the roads. At Armortek Custom Armored Cars we pride ourselves in providing all facets of vehicle and private armoring products Worldwide. Visit us at https://armortek.com to learn more about our products.